Next In Stupid Inventions: The Bluetooth Enabled Cup

Just when you thought the internet of things couldn’t get any weirder, welcome to Vessyl, the bluetooth enabled cup.

As well as supporting Bluetooth 4.0, Vessyl can also tell you (via your phone) that the Coke you’ve just poured into your Vessyl is……Coke!

OMG Amazeballs.

The company producing the product any sane person would never want is pitching it as a product that “knows and tracks what you are drinking…in real time” and that as a consequence “it keeps track of what is important to you…automatically.”

magic cup

In addition to the magic cup, the accompanying app for Vessyl offers something called “Lenses” which apparently allows you

  • lose weight
  • stay hydrated
  • regulate caffeine
  • build muscle
  • regulate sugar

At this point we’re not sure if they’re talking about their own magic bluetooth cup or the Holy Grail.

But wait, there’s more!

The magic bluetooth cup can also help you count how much water you’ve had in a day by a magic color slider on the side of the cup.

How much for a magical bluetooth enabled cup that promises to cure all your ills and identify that the Coke you tipped in it is indeed Coke, and not Pepsi?

No, it’s not $499…it’s not $299….it’s at the bargain basement price of $199.

That’s right: $199 FOR A CUP.

What next, a bluetooth enabled ring? Oh, wait…that was earlier in the week.

Duncan Riley


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