Creepy Doll Terrorizes Singapore Citizens

We don’t know if this doll is really cursed or not. What we do know is that it’s pretty creepy looking.

A creepy and reportedly cursed doll has been terrorizing the people of Singapore. The doll was reportedly found wearing a blindfold next to a tree this week. The photos were posted onto Reddit along with a story about the doll’s origins.

The Redditor writes: “The doll was found beside a busy street in Singapore … Stories from twitter revealed that the doll is possessed and has been moving around on its own when the original owner isn’t home. She blinded the eyes and left it far away from home so it wouldn’t follow her back.”

OK, so that’s creepy. Thankfully, the Redditor also had some information on how the curse is passed from owner to owner.

The Redditor writes: “Some say the doll can be heard talking when it’s left alone in a room and is found with its head turned in a different direction. It is said that it spoke in a Malay language and sound like an adult female … Original owner found that the only way to get rid of it and make sure it won’t come back is to cover it’s eyesight. The curse is rumored to have passed on to someone else who found it and untied the cloth unknowingly.”

The Redditor also claims that a murder and an unusual suicide occurred shortly after the doll was found in Singapore.

So is this true? We can’t say for sure but let’s just say that we’re a little skeptical. Still, if we found this doll we’d probably err on the side of the caution and run away screaming.

Dan Evon

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