Twitter Confirms ‘Like’ And ‘Star’ Options Coming Soon For Tweets

Twitter is always looking for ways to increase engagement, and the popular microblog is now planning to make some changes to the favorite button. Earlier this week, screenshots surfaced that showed the favorite button being replaced by either a “Like” or “Star” button.

CEO Dick Costolo finally confirmed the news at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Engage conference in London. They’re currently looking at more lightweight options and felt that favorite was a bit too heavy.

It’s already been shown on Facebook that “Like” has tremendous power in terms of engagement. Costolo also went on to say that with these more lightweight options, they want to make it even easier and frictionless for users to engage directly with tweets.

The favorite button has been front and center for several years now. Costolo shared with the conference that among Twitter’s 140 million active users, 500 million tweets are posted each day. More recently, during the first Presidential debate, the number of tweets per second peaked at 8,000.

There’s no time frame for when Twitter will be rolling out the new options, but if you’re an active user yourself, they should be fairly easy to spot once they make a more permanent appearance.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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