Louis C.K. Begs TMZ To Remove Tracy Morgan Video

TMZ makes money by sharing photos and videos of celebrities. The gossip site may have gone too far this week, however, when they uploaded a video of the car crash that killed one person and left Tracy Morgan in critical condition. Now Louis C.K. is begging the site to remove the video.

The comedian started his campaign to get TMZ to remove the video after he saw a photo on Instagram posted by Ardie Fuqua’s daughter Krizye. Ardie was critically injured in the crash and the young woman is begging TMZ to remove the video.

Krizye writes: “I need help to get TMZ to remove the video of the accident that shows my dad being pulled from the truck and laid down to the side. This something no one should ever see, it’s hurtful and distasteful.”

Louis CK has been asking his fans to message @TMZ to remove the video. The gossip site hasn’t responded to the request yet and they haven’t removed the video yet.

Judd Apatow also weighed in, asking TMZ owner Harvey Levine to remove the video.

TMZ should remove the Tracy Morgan crash video from their site but you can’t place all of the blame on the gossip site. After all, it looks like there are a lot of people who actually want to watch it. The video was shared more than 7000 times on Facebook.

Dan Evon

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