Frank Miller Talks ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ During Reddit AMA

Are you ready to go a little deeper into Sin City? Frank Miller unveiled a new trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For today during an AMA on Reddit.

Miller hit on a bunch of topics during his Reddit AMA but most of the questions, unsurprisingly, were about the new Sin City movie.

Miller writes: “We’re coming into a whole new phase of Sin City, because the entire first movie, much of it is spent establishing or hinting at what Sin City is and where it is and who’s in it. In this case, we are taking these characters to new places … you get to see more of Sin City.”

Miller is best known for his comics but he is also directed (along with Robert Rodriguez) Sin City. Miller said that he was hesitant to work in film but was convinced after shooting a “test scene” with Rodriguez.

Miller writes: “Robert Rodriguez approached me. He really wanted to do it and saw how to do it. I didn’t want to do it and didn’t see how to do it. So he pursued me, he met me at one point in Hell’s Kitchen and showed me what he had in mind, and my answer was “no” because I didn’t trust the process. To me it was all Hollywood… Anyways the next stage was about a week later, when Robert Rodriguez phoned me up and said “hey Frank, why don’t you come out for a weekend, I’ll fly you out, we’ll do a scene with a few friends. If you like it, maybe we’ll do a movie, if you don’t we’ll have a cool DVD to show our friends.” So I went out there, his so-called friends were trained professional actors…”

Miller didn’t have much experience in film but he did know the story, of course, and when actors were having trouble with a scene Miller was able to step in and give them direction.

Miller writes: “John Ford said it best, which is that “80% of his job was telling an actor where and when they were.” Which is, to my estimate, pretty accurate. That once the actor knows who he is, then it’s a matter of reminding an actor that this is the scene BEFORE they get shot, or the scene where they are on the run from the cops, because (having worked in minor roles as an actor) I could see how lost you could get with those bright lights shining on you. It’s a very understandable need to have a calm voice tell you, especially a voice you can trust, tell you where and when you are, that can really make a difference.”

Are you excited for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. 

Dan Evon

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