New Zelda Game Unveiled At E3 [Video]

Nintendo unveiled a new Zelda game today at E3.

The new game, which was designed specifically for the Wii U, is all about exploration. Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma said that he wanted to remove all boundaries in the new Zelda game, allowing players to explore the realm without restrictions.

Aonuma said: “As far as what you can do with such a vast field to explore, as soon as those boundaries are removed, it means you can enter any area from any direction … So the puzzle solving in this game begins the moment the player starts to think about where they want to go, how they want to get there, and what they will do when they arrive. This is a clean break from the conventions of past games in the Zelda series, where you had to follow a set path and play through the scenario in the right order.”

The new open-world Zelda game will be released in 2015. Here’s a video of Aonuma talking about the new game. You can see some gameplay footage toward the end of the clip. Another video shows Aonuma comparing the new Zelda to some of the earlier releases in the series. Aonuma said that the original games allowed players to explore the entire realm or Hyrule while later games forced Link to follow a path. Aonuma said: “Earlier releases of the Legend of Zelda players were allowed to explore a wide area. However, when the game transitioned to 3D it became harder to get that feel of being in a vast world.” We don’t know too much about the new Zelda game yet but we do know that people are pretty excited about it.


Are you excited for the new Zelda game?

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