Obama IRL: Tumblr Hosting Presidential Q&A

Have you ever wanted to talk to President Obama IRL? Well, the White House will be hosting a live Q&A session today on Tumblr.

The White House said that the president wants to talk to the Tumblr community about college education and student loans. Of course, in order to get through to the young demographic using Twitter he’ll probably have to answer questions in gif form.

president obama on tumblr

president obama on tumblr

president obama on tumblr

president obama on tumblr

The Q&A session will be hosted on the White House’s Tumblr page. David Karp, Tumblr’s founder and CEO, will help the president sort through all of the questions posed by Tumblr’s user base.

A White House official told Mashable: “Community Q&As like this allow us to reach large, engaged audiences around specific issues they care about, and Tumblr’s demographics make it a great place to reach younger Americans on education and college affordability.”

Obama has done a few social media Q&A’s during his presidency. He’s hosted Google Hangouts, connected with citizens on Twitter, and was behind one of the most popular Reddit AMAs in the site’s history. The President may not have much experience on Tumblr but he’ll have plenty of help from his staff in order to decorate his talking points with gifs.

obama irl

Are you excited to meet Obama IRL? The Q&A starts at 4 pm EST.

Dan Evon

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