NBA Flopping Penalties Need To Change, Says Twitter

dwyane wade

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat was fined a whopping $5000 by the NBA this morning for flopping during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

To put that in perspective, that would be like fining a person who made $50,000 a year a measly $13. Needless to say, the fine probably won’t have much effect on Wade’s game during the rest of the finals.

After the announcement was made, sports fans lit up Twitter with messages calling for a change to NBA flopping penalties. At the moment, the NBA hands out monetary fines which increase with every flopping infraction. But even after a third offense, a player is still only fined $15,000. The NBA was praised back in 2012 for addressing the problem of flopping but it’s pretty clear that the fines are an inadequate solution. Luckily, Twitter has a few suggestions to improve NBA flopping penalties.

Give Coaches Two Flopping Challenges.

Shame Players By Making Them Wear A “Scarlet Letter”

Suspend Players On Their First Offense

Make Flopping Calls On The Court Not After The Game

Hand Out Yellow Cards And Red Cards Like Soccer

On the bright side, the NBA knows that its flopping penalties are inadequate. David Stern said as much during his pre-finals press conference.

Stern said: “It isn’t enough, it isn’t enough. You’re not going to cause somebody to stop it for $5,000 when the average player’s salary is $5.5 million. And anyone who thought that was going to happen was allowing hope to prevail over reason.”

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