Much Tipping: Dogecoin App Comes To Facebook

Now you can give something more substantial than a “Like” on Facebook. Tipping other Facebook users in cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin is now possible, thanks to new apps.

According to Dogecoin community developers, two cryptocurrency tipping apps that they developed were recently approved by Facebook and are available now. The tipping apps let users send various altcoins, which are alternatives and alterations of the popular Bitcoin digital currency.

Bitcoin is not among the digital currencies available on the two tipping apps that have currently been approved. Dogecoin, arguably the second most well-known digital currency (and currently seventh in market size) is leading the way. One app is exclusively Dogecoin, while the other has a smattering of smaller digital currencies. Notable additions to the Multicoin app include Dogecoin, Worldcoin, Feathercoin and Quark.

A similar system already exists in the Reddit community, where users can tip in both Dogecoin and Bitcoin. If the Dogecoin and Multicoin tipping apps become popular on Facebook, a Bitcoin app likely won’t be far behind. Tipping on Reddit has already been an interesting social experiment. Microtransactions as a funding method for the internet has been promised by the big players for years, but it is digital currencies that seem to be finally fulfilling the promise.

Ian DeMartino

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