Woman Attacks Photographer Violently at the Beach; You Might Be Surprised at the Reason

woman attacks photographer

WARNING: Video contains language that may be NSFW.

Photographers are everywhere these days, with their hi-tech cameras that look so heavy that the average person shouldn’t be able to lug them around all day. This photographer went a little heavier on the tech side, though, by using a quadcopter to take photos – and videos – while at Hammonasset Beach in Madison, CT.

Little did he know that some people don’t like the idea of having him around – not with his drone hovering above.

Andrea Mears, a private citizen who obviously doesn’t like having her photos taken by some unknown photographer, confronted the photographer about her issue. This is not uncommon and is rather understandable.

What comes next, though, is some violent and disturbing action coming from Mears. And the main reason? She doesn’t like “helicopter planes”.

The photographer had the sense to take a video of what was happening and uploaded it to YouTube, but due to its violent nature was taken down. LiveLeak still has a copy up on their site, though, so here we go.

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