RunPee App Tells Moviegoers When To Go

RunPee App Tells User When To Use Bathroom

While one could argue that it’s never a good time to get up during the middle of a movie at the theater to go use the bathroom, a new app called RunPee can at least tell you the most optimal time — and fill you in on what you missed.

The app is available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices, and will help users determine when the best time would be to disturb your aisle-mates by leaving the theater quickly.

While the app’s name is certainly not one that you’d want to shout aloud in the theater, it can come in handy for those unanticipated breaks.

RunPee works when the user tells it what movie they are watching, and when it starts. From there, the app will cause the user’s phone to vibrate when they are approaching the optimal time to take a break. It will vibrate once more when the window has closed.

Another added bonus? The ap will also tell you if there are any outtakes or extra scenes at the end of the movie, to tell you if the credits are worth seeing or not.

While some of RunPee’s Facebook users have stated that they prefer to use the app before the movie starts, so they don’t disturb the people around them, the app makers have said that most people sitting around you in the theater won’t even notice the screen’s glow, because of the app’s dark background.

A word of caution, however, is that RunPee’s creators can’t help you on the opening night of a movie. They don’t get access to any pre-screenings, so instead they see movies on opening weekends, keep track of the best break times, then update the app.

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