10 Game Of Thrones Cosplayers Who Are Dead-Ringers For Their HBO Counterparts [Pics]

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If George R.R. Martin’s bloodlust grows to the point at which he starts killing off HBO actors, there are actually a handful of people who could walk into a vacant role on Game of Thrones in a moment’s notice (and the audience would hardly know the difference).

Yeah, we’re talking about cosplayers again.

Despite the massive cosplay appeal of Game of Thrones, the Khaleesis and the Khal Drogos aren’t quite as ubiquitous at the Cons as you might think. Game of Thrones cosplay is still a growing subculture, but the few (and proud) who take it upon themselves to design a costume from Martin’s sprawling, epic fantasy tale do so very seriously.

Simply put, no one in the Game of Thrones cosplay racket is doing it half-assed. We’ll show you what we mean.

Here are 10 Game of Thrones cosplayers who are dead-ringers for the characters they so lovingly portray:

1. Arya Stark – Ginny Diguiseppi

By the nine!

2. Ygritte – The Cel Saga

A spot-on interpretation of the wildling kissed by fire. Disagree? You know nothing!

3. Margaery Tyrell – Santatory Cosplay

She’s more than just a sexy Margaery cosplayer, she could be Natalie Dormer’s sister.

4. Jon Snow – Chaves87

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Chaves87 certainly knows a thing or two about costuming for the mopey bastard.

5. Daenerys – Miss Alice Monster

Miss Alice Monster pulls off the Mother of Dragons like no other. You could spend hours going through this striking beauty’s cosplay photos on Facebook (and you can, just hit the link).

6. The Red Woman – Green Makakas Cosplay


Many have tried, but few have captured the eerie presence of Priestess Melisandre as completely as Green Makakas Cosplay.

 7. Cersei – Vanessa C.

The evil queen herself, brought to life by Belgian PhD student Vanessa C. Who said you can’t have brains and beauty?

8. Wait, What The Hell? – Shattered Stitch

Oh right … TV show watchers don’t know who this is yet 🙂

9. Brienne – Meg Galacticat

The gorgeous Meg Galacticat does a lot of tough chick cosplay, and Brienne of Tarth is no exception. Here, Meg strikes the vulnerable badass balance so perfectly, Gwendoline Christie would be amazed … and proud.

10. Khal Drogo – René Koiter


René Koiter is very serious about Khal Drogo. While his companion Rebecca Watts pulls off a stunning Khaleesi, there are a lot of Khaleesi cosplayers out there, and very few Khal Drogos. Then again, there’s probably no room for more Drogo. Koiter pretty much nails it here.

And Now, More Daenerys Cosplay

Daenerys Targaryen is far and away the most cosplayed Game of Thrones character there is. It’s a testament to her popularity, and probably the ease with which you can put a Dany costume together (compared to, I don’t know, a “Hound” costume with tons of armor).

Hopefully as the Game of Thrones cosplay subculture grows, we’ll see a lot more. Until then, here are some other Dany cosplays that are simply amazing:




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