Pregnant Women Remake Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”

I'm so pregnant video

“I’m so pregnant. You already know.”

It’s no surprise that once anything (song, movie, book) goes viral, parodies begin to pop up. Some are terrible, some are amazing, and some involve pregnant moms.

The YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms created one awesome parody to Iggy Azalea’s #1 hit “Fancy.” Remixing all the lyrics to where they actually make sense and pregnant moms can relate too. I seriously laughed out loud at, “Baby, don’t kick me. I might just go pee pee.”

This viral video was put up only yesterday getting over 180,000 views already.

The WhatsUpMoms channel is dedicated to uploading fast, funny, and helpful how-to videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With over 92,000 subscriptions, these moms know their stuff.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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