Kate McKinnon’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Impressions: Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres

Kate McKinnon on SNL

Kate McKinnon just finished her second full season on Saturday Night Live and has already become a fan favorite, some say she is the next Kristen Wiig. McKinnon got serious street cred from her wonderful and exact impressions of two of the biggest celebrities in the biz: Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres.

Kate McKinnon on SNL

McKinnon talked about impersonating Bieber on Conan and how she gets his impression just right.

“Looking like a puppy who just piddled and is sort of sorry about it.”

Describing Bieber in the most perfect terms, “He has the swagger of a gang leader, with the face of a member of the Sistine Chapel.”

For one sweet and innocent interview, McKinnon brought up her crotch a lot. No one is upset about that. Conan’s YouTube channel uploaded this yesterday and it has over 60,000 views already. Honestly, it should have a lot more so people can see the genuine beauty and humor that is Kate McKinnon.

[Photo credit: SNL]


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