50 Cent: Aziz Ansari’s Grapefruit Joke Is A Lie

50 cent

Don’t believe the rumors! 50 Cent said during a recent Reddit AMA that he does in fact know what a grapefruit is.

Rumors about the rappers lack of grapefruit knowledge started circulating after Aziz Ansari released his stand-up special Dangerous in 2012. During his performance, Ansari does a little bit about 50 Cent ordering a grapefruit soda at a restaurant.

Check it out below.

Ansari said: “It took me a few seconds but then I realized: Oh my god 50 Cent has no idea what a grapefruit is. A waiter is about to explain to a grown man what a grapefruit is.”

But according to 50 Cent, Aziz is a dirty, dirty liar.

During his Reddit AMA, 50 Cent said: “My grandma used to get me grapefruit juice as a kid. he’s a comedian. Ima have his ass whoop if he keeps saying that lol.”

Of course, 50 Cent shed light on much more than this grapefruit controversy during his Reddit AMA. Here are a few new factoids about the singer.

  • At his best, he could bench 405 lbs.
  • He bought his grandma a car as soon as he “made it.”
  • People sing “Go Shorty” to him on his birthday.
  • He wants to be in a Marvel movie.

Can you believe that Aziz Ansari lied about his 50 Cent grapefruit story?

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