Google Street View Murder Is A Hoax

google street view murder

You can find some pretty bizarre things on Google Street View but you shouldn’t believe everything you see. Take the photos above for example. Do the photos really show a murderer standing over their victim? Nope. This Google Street View murder is a complete hoax.

The prank was pulled by a business owner in Edinburgh and one of his employees. According to CNN, Dan Thompson, the owner of the Tomson Motor Company, saw the Google car coming down his street in Edinburgh and decided to pull a little prank. He got one of his employees, Gary Kerr, to grab an ax while he laid down in the street just in time to get photographed by the Google Car.

Thompson said: “Giles Street is like a misshapen horseshoe. By chance, I saw the Street View car going in other leg. I knew it would reach us in half a minute.”

Thompson said that the incident happened in the summer of 2012. It wasn’t until more than a year later that someone called the police after spotting the photos on Google Maps. The cops did investigate the incident. Thompson said that the officers left his shop in “fits of laughter.”

The shop owner said that the Google Car has driven by his shop a couple of times since he pulled the prank so the map could be updated soon. For the time being, you can check out the Google Street View murder scene photos here.

Dan Evon

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