Twitter Says QuickSilver Is The Real Star Of #XmenDaysOfFuturePast

X-men Days of Future Past has been a success by nearly any measure. After the debacle that was X-men: The Last Stand and Wolverine Origins, the franchise has now had two critical successes in three movies (The Wolverine being the middling exception) which is a great way to start Hugh Jackman’s eventual relinquishing of the Wolverine role.

What may be surprising for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, the most popular character doesn’t appear to be Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine or any of the familiar characters  (Magneto, Professor X, Young Mystique) or even the comic’s protagonist, Kitty Pryde. No, if Twitter is any indication, the most popular character in the movie has such a small role that in the original script he wasn’t even included, the entirety of his screen time adds up to about 15 minutes and his listing on IMDB is buried under 11 different characters.

Quicksilver undoubtedly has stolen the spotlight from the major characters and one of his two major scenes stands out as a crowd favorite. Not bad considering many fans complained when Evan Peters was cast for the role.

Certainly, distance makes the heart grow fonder and that is part of what is happening here. We have gotten used to Wolverine using his claws for all sorts of cool things over the past six movies, but we haven’t seen a mutant quite like Quicksilver in the previous movies. His limited presence combined with the aforementioned scene of absolute badassery was bound to make audience clamor for more. So what is the Twitter-verse saying about Quicksilver?

Of course, no combination of the Internet and comic books would be complete without memes.

or cosplay (sans QuickSilver, unfortunately)

and parodies

Better yet, the powers that be have uncharacteristically picked up on Quciksilver’s popularity almost instantaneously, already using him to sell breakfast sandwiches:

You can watch Quicksilver’s introduction below, you’ll have to watch the movie in order to see the scene that has everyone talking.

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