Rumor: Beyonce Cheating on Jay-Z with Bodyguard

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The infamous elevator fight between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z set the grapevine aflame, what with videos and social media reactions of the people involved all over the place. At the end of the day, it seems that the three stuck together, going the “it’s family” route.

The couple is even promoting an upcoming tour, which is is bound to be spectacular.

But it seems that all is not well in the homefront. Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z is the latest rumor surrounding the couple, and it’s the latter’s bodyguard Julius De Boer, no less, that is being named as the third party. That name might not be familiar, but fans will definitely know his face.

It could just be me, but his mug looks a little better than Jay-Z’s. Then again, we don’t really know what goes on in Beyonce’s head, do we?

The two got married in 2008, but sources say that Jay-Z has become suspicious of his bodyguard and Beyonce and that he had wanted to fire De Boer. Beyonce’s response to that?

“Julius is not going anywhere.”

Twitter is full of fans talking about Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z, although there’s no comment coming from either party.

So do you think the rumor that Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z is unfounded or not?


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