#RedskinsPride Hashtag Backfires On Washington Redskins

washington redskins

Maybe it really is time to change the Washington Redskins name… A Twitter campaign centered around the hashtag #RedskinsPride backfired on the NFL team today as most people used the hashtag to complain about the team’s dated and racist name.

The Redskins were trying to get their fans to tweet Senator Harry Reid messages with the hashtag #RedskinsPride in order to convince the senator that the team’s name wasn’t racist. Well, it didn’t exactly work out like that.

The Redskins successfully got people to tweet Senator Harry Reid but the majority of tweets asked the senator to continue fighting to change the team’s name.


Of course, some people are supporting the Washington Redskins’ campaign to keep their name. They even used the hashtag the “appropriate” way.



It will be interesting to see how the #RedskinsPride effects the political discussion. It looks like the majority of Twitter wants the Redskins to change its name but I can’t give you any hard numbers. Faiz Shakir, Reid’s digital director, told Deadspin“The Skins tried to engage folks, and it has failed miserably … we haven’t found more than one or two that are actually supportive.”

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