HTC’s Plastic Version Of The One M8 Revealed


HTC has finally released some details of its plastic, cheaper version of its flagship phone the One M8, be it on its Chinese website.

The HTC One M8 “Ace” will go on sale with nearly the same specifications as the HTC One M8, including a Snapdragon 801 processor that is clocked at a very neat 2.5GHz.

While the Ace does deliver the same 5-inch 1080p screen as the M8, it does cut corners with a lesser camera. It’s not clear from the Chinese website but it may sport the same 12 megapixel camera currently featured on the HTC One Mini 2.

As per the headline, the biggest difference is in industrial design: the smart looking metal of the One M8 is being replaced by plastic.

If you don’t mind a lesser camera and a plastic hardshell design, there is good news: price.

Although not confirmed it’s rumored the new phone will go on the market at around the $250-$300 mark, vs the $600-$700 (depending on the market) that HTC currently asks for the One M8.

Whether it will be sold in the United States also isn’t confirmed; the phone is primarily aimed at emerging markets and markets without higher disposable incomes, but don’t be surprised to see it pop up in North America later in the year.


Duncan Riley


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