Steve Ballmer Changes Career, Buys the LA Clippers

Steve Ballmer LA Clippers

The NBA Playoffs are getting hotter and hotter, but in the midst of it all, LA Clippers owner – or former owner, perhaps – Donald Sterling was placed in the hot seat after his partner released a recording of the former uttering racist comments. While those comments were made in private, the repercussions of the recording being made public made Sterling’s life, well, really bad.

Not only was he fined for his comments, but a lifetime ban from the NBA was implemented as well. Talk about having to sell the team also came up. Outrage abounded from all sides, although there are those who think that the punishments are too stiff.

But that’s practically over now, at least for spectators.

For former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, though, things are just beginning. In a rigorous bidding war to gain the title of “owner” of the LA Clippers, Steve Ballmer emerged victorious to the tune of $2 billion – what is the highest price for an NBA team.

Ballmer fought against the likes of investors Tony Ressler and Bruce Karsh, and David Geffen and executives from the Guggenheim Group.

While Ballmer has won the bidding, things are not yet set in stone as due process has to be followed, but it seems that this deal will go through.

From CEO of one of the biggest tech companies to owner of a basketball franchise which has not won a single championship title…I wonder if Steve Ballmer can shake things up for the LA Clippers.

Who wants to see a Mark Cuban – Steve Ballmer face off?

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