Watch: Kids React To 1980s Computer

Technology has changed a lot, blah blah, you know how this is going to go. Watching kids react to things we grew up with is somehow fascinating, hilarious and frightening all at the same time. Hearing a kid express how stupid it is to have the power button on the back, when many of us grew up in a time when of course the power button is on the back, both tickles our nostalgia and makes us feel old.

This video is one in the popular series of Youtube videos “Kids React” but this may be their best yet. It is exactly what you expect it to be, kids interacting and being generally perplexed and frustrated by an old computer.

I was born in 1987, so this computer, which they say is “from the late 70s or early 80s” predates my childhood, but the computer on display isn’t much different than the first computers I played around with as a kid. Sure, mine had some rudimentary UI, a hard drive and the revolutionary new interface device oddly named a “mouse” but it was still closer to the computer in this video than anything we have today.

Since its posting on Sunday, the video has received over 7.7 Million views.

Ian DeMartino

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