Lance Stephenson Blows In LeBron James’ Ear, Gets Fined For Flopping

In the middle of a heated battle between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, Lance Stephenson bent down and whispered sweet nothings into LeBron James ear.

Stephenson has done his fair share of trash talking this series and most of it has been directed at the King. Before game five Stephenson said that he was done trash talking to reporters and promised to focus on his game. Of course, the biggest part of his game is to make sure that LeBron is off his.

Stephenson said: “My plan was to get into their heads, get under their skin and play physical basketball … help my teammates win a game.”

Apparently the best way into James’ head is to blow in his ear.

The tactic may have worked. LeBron James had his worst playoff game of his career with only seven points in 24 minutes.

James said: “I don’t really … I’m just here to play basketball, man.”

Blowing in LeBron’s ear may have, May Have, given Lance Stephenson a competitive advantage. It also turned him into a new internet meme.

Of course, Lance Stephenson may have taken a few of his antics a little too far last night. The Pacers player was fined $10,000 for flopping. Roy Hibbert also picked up a flopping fine.

Dan Evon

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