Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge Shows Cracks During A Tourist Visit


The 103rd floor tourist attraction, Chicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck, gave a visiting family from California a good scare on Wednesday when cracks appeared in the glass.

NBC Chicago reported, “one of the four glass enclosures jutting out from the side of the building, collectively called The Ledge, appeared to show cracks, said Alejandro Garibay, who was on the glass with his brother and two cousins.”

A representative from the Willis Tower said what actually cracked was the protective coating above the glass structure, not the glass itself. The coating worked exactly how it was supposed to work, reported to the Chicago Sun Times.

While Garibay and family were on the ledge, he heard cracks and alerted staff members immediately.

“I walked them over so they could see and they were totally shocked and asked us to step away and then proceeded to start calling staff and techs and I don’t know who else. When we pulled our phones to start recording and take pictures they asked us to leave right away.”

People have been freaking out on social media all morning, causing “Willis Tower” to be a top trend on Facebook with similar comments like “Oh, hell no.”

Has anyone been at this attraction and feared this exact thing happened? Share your experience in the comments!

[Photo credit: Alejandro Garibay]


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