Yahoo Is Plotting Another YouTube Killer…Again

Yahoo is reported to be getting ready to launch another YouTube killer…..again.

Reports suggest that Yahoo has been approaching YouTube content creators in an attempt to poach them for the launch of the new platform, which is believed to be slated for a Northern summer launch.

AdAge reports that the new service is offering better ad splits for content creators, along with the carrot of the videos being able to be distributed across Yahoo owned properties, including Tumblr.

Content creators will also get the full YouTube set of bells and whistles: customizable channels, embeddable videos, and freedom of content creation.

Along with bigger ad splits, Yahoo is also said to be offering a big ad rate as well of $9.68 per one thousand video views, some 50% to 100% higher that the ad rates currently offered by YouTube.

Former Google Exec and now Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer has had a serious video fetish since taking the reigns at the company, having previously attempted to acquire Daily Motion and Hulu.

We are naturally sceptical about Yahoo attempting to take on the 100 pound gorilla in the room that is YouTube, but that said competition is always good in any marketplace, and increased ad rates offered to YouTube creators (and stars) can only be good for everyone involved in the industry.

The potential (be it unlikely) of an online video content war in late 2014/ 2015 can also only benefit viewers, as content creators with more money can only result in improved offerings.

Marissa Meyer: your obsession with video make reek of myopia, but why not bring it on.

Duncan Riley


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