T.I. Brags About Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight On Instagram


Not too many people brave (or stupid) enough to throw a punch at Floyd Mayweather Jr. and those who are… well, they usually end up face down on the mat in the boxing ring. Rapper T.I., on the other hand, managed to escape his brawl with Floyd without a scratch on him.

Mayweather and T.I. got into a fight at a Fatburgerlast night in Las Vegas. The fight reportedly started after T.I. saw a photo on Instagram of his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, posing with Mayweather’s daughter. T.I. reportedly lost it, thinking that it was proof that Mayweather was sleeping with Tiny, and went after the boxer at a Fatburger.

The photo led to punching, chair throwing, and a whole bunch of cursing. (You can watch the video below.) It also led to the rumor that T.I. got his butt-kicked. You can’t really blame people for thinking that T.I. lost the fight. I mean, most professional boxers don’t have a chance of beating Mayweather in a fight.

T.I. obviously didn’t like that rumor so he cleared things up on Instagram.

Of course, that wasn’t the only rumor to stem from the T.I. Mayweather fight. Several people also started talking about T.I. and his guns. One source even reported that T.I. shot up Mayweather’s fan after the altercation. (It’s not true.)


Here’s a video of the altercation at Fatburger.

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