Wiz Khalifa Takes Jail Selfie, Real Or Viral Marketing Stunt?

Wiz Khalifa

Earlier today, May 25, rapper Wiz Khalifa tweeted a picture of him sitting in jail with the caption “jail selfie” after he was supposedly arrested for possession of marijuana. Authorities have not confirmed the amount of marijuana or if there was weed to begin with.

Viral marketing stunt or actual arrest? Khalifa is about to release his mixtape 28 Grams and was on his way to a music festival in Texas when he was arrested. In his tweet below, the photo doesn’t make sense. Mainly his pants. Why does he have his phone in jail? Is tweeting allowed in jail? #Cellfie

Wiz also tweeted this photo minutes before the selfie:

He does have a TMZ approved mugshot photo that he tweeted 5 or so hours later that morning. Again, real or fake? Here are some more tweets from Khalifa’s account about his “arrest.” Wiz has been trending on Facebook all day.

[Photo credit: Sebastien Barre]


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