Internet Hates ‘Batman V Superman’ Title


The new Batman vs Superman movie has received plenty of online hate. First, the internet was furious about the decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. Then we got a look at that vein-filled Batsuit. Well, it looks like internet has found something else to hate about the new movie: The title.

It was revealed last night that the new movie would be titled Batman V Superman: The Dawn Of Justice. So what’s so wrong with that?

Some people complained about that pesky little V in the middle of the title. Shouldn’t it be Vs? Does the title read Batman 5 Superman?

Others took issue with “Dawn Of Justice.” For most people, that part of the title was just a little too cheesy.

Do you agree with the internet? Is the title really that terrible? Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice may not be the best title but something tells me that the internet would have hated pretty much anything that Zac Snyder came up with. This movie has been fighting an uphill battle since it was announced and this won’t be the last thing that the internet finds to hate about the new Batman Superman movie.


Dan Evon

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