Six Arrested In Iran For Dancing To Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ On YouTube

Pharrell’s song “Happy” is beyond popular at the moment. The music video features both dancing celebrities and “regular” folks dancing around Los Angeles and that has inspired thousands of hours of covers, spoofs and copies to appear on YouTube. Someone even uploaded the hours and hours of unused footage from the creation of the video.

The point is, people love it, and that love has extended beyond borders and cultures, as groups of people have made their own versions of the video in their various hometowns and cities. One of the better produced and by the nature of its setting, politically minded versions of the song came from a group in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

“Happy We Are From Tehran” featured three men and three unveiled Iranian women dancing to the popular song across Tehran in a style similar to Pharrell’s original. The video has been viewed over 250,000 times and liked nearly 3,000 times since its posting on Monday.

Unfortunately, someone at the Iranian culture police doesn’t like the idea of unveiled women being happy in Tehran, as the Iranian authorities have announced that they have arrested the six creators of the video because the “vulgar clip” hurt “public chasity.”

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution, women in Iran have been legally required to wear a Hijab, or veil, while in public. Some in the country are beginning to speak out against the law.

The police chief of Tehran stated that the “suspects” have confessed to their “crimes.”

America may have had some troubling developments over the past dozen or so years, but at least we can still dance to overrated songs in public.

Ian DeMartino

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