Will & Jada Smith To Be Investigated By Child Welfare Over Teen Daughter Pics

After the scandalous Instagram photo of their 13 year old daughter Willow lying in bed with topless 20 year old Moises Arias hitting the media earlier this month it seems that childcare authorities have taken an interest in how the two veteran actors have handled the situation.

Radar Online has revealed that the government takes a dim view of this and is looking to investigate:


“The investigation was formally opened last week and is being taken very seriously by the department. Will and Jada have been extremely cooperative with officials. Of course they aren’t happy that their parenting skills are under scrutiny, but they understand. Social workers will also be talking separately with Willow and they also want to talk to the young man in the picture with her as well. This won’t just be one or two visits with the family, and it will likely be an open investigation for at least a month.”


Neither of the parents have come out and chastised their daughter with mother Jada saying to the press that it was them projecting their own trash onto it.




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