Do You Have A Lot of Work To Do Today? Don’t Look At This Website Then…

If you have a lot on today or you feel that you procrastinate a bit too much or are easily distracted OR enjoy popping the air out of plastic bubble-wrap then I very strongly recommend you close this page now.

Still here?

Good, now I may present to you The Fun Switcher. This is a very simple ‘why didn’t I think of that??’ website created by a very cruel person who wants to see us all waste our days away on their site. It consists of a variety of categories of theme tunes from popular movies and TV shows, songs, sound affects, memes and other famous audio clips all of which can be switched on and off at will with a simple light-switch style button.

And yes it has the ‘This is Sparta’ sound clip in case you were wondering.

If you have other people around you make sure you turn your speakers up to MAX and repeatedly switch on and off the Super Mario Star theme for ultimate annoyance.

Fun Switcher




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