Young Baseball Fan Gives Away Decoy Ball To Pretty Girl [Video]

Boy gives away decoy ball

Apparently, this week in social media is the week of giving. Whether its Matthew McConaughey tossing Brad Pitt a beer via balconies or a young baseball fan giving a ball to a pretty girl, one thing stays the same: sharing is caring.

On Saturday night’s Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Ranger’s game, May 17, it wasn’t a professional major league baseball player who had the play of the game. In the 4th inning, a Blue Jays foul ball bounced over to the third base coach, Luis Rivera, who generously tossed it to a young fan sitting in the front row. Without waiting to think about a plan at all, the young man decided to turn around and give a decoy baseball to a pretty girl.

Social media blew up with this boy’s smooth move of generosity, trying to win over the heart of an older woman, people thinking he so thoughtfully gave away the foul ball. Joke’s on her and everyone else who believed.

Watch closely.

The young man catches the ball in his mitt with his left hand. Without reaching for the baseball in his glove, he gives the pretty older girl a different ball that he was holding in his left hand. Some unnamed, possibly untouched random ball. Certainly not the official MLB ball that was hit in his direction.

Talk about SMOOTH. Boy keeps legit baseball, pretty girl gets a random ball.

We could all learn a thing or two from this kid.

[Photo credit: Youtube]


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