Where Do Undecided Voters Stand? Social Engagement Can Help

Election Day is just two weeks away and there are still millions who remain undecided. With the help of new findings courtesy of NetBase social analytics, we’re able to see trends and sentiment that can bring answers to which candidate people are leaning more towards.

In the past week alone, there was a shift of 29 percent in net-sentiment for President Obama while Mitt Romney saw a 9 percent decrease. Weekly net-sentiment in total was 37 and 38 percent, a very large increase for both candidates.

Looking at undecided voter data regarding women’s equality, Obama lost two net-sentiment points, while Romney gained 12. This puts their total one-week sentiment at 19 percent and 15 percent respectively.

When it came to jobs and the economy, Obama’s once negative 6 percent net-sentiment rose 18 points and Romney gained just one point. However, Romney is still leading in that area with 28 percent total compared to Obama’s 12 percent.

Honesty and credibility is a big factor when deciding which candidate to vote for, and Obama saw a weekly net-sentiment gain of 15 points with Romney seeing a 23 point increase. The President still leads with 19 percent compared to Romney’s negative two percent.

For a full look at all the findings, you can go here.

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