Barbara Walters Says Goodbye To ‘The View’ [Video]

barbara walters

So long, Babs. Barbara Walters said goodbye to The View today and the internet is getting pretty emotional about it.

Walters has been working on television for more than 50 years and when someone of that stature retires, well, they usually have a lot of people to say goodbye to. The View invited just about everyone to the set today to say goodbye to the legendary news anchor.

Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and several other surprise guests came by the show to wish Barbara luck in retirement. Just look at this photo.

That’s pretty amazing.

Oprah said: “I want to thank you for being a pioneer, and everything that that word means. It means being the first: the first to knock down the door, to break down the barriers, to pave the road that we all walk on.”

But those weren’t the only people who wanted to say goodbye to Barbara Walters. Twitter has been lighting up with messages from friends and fans as the iconic television host says farewell one final time.

Walters closed her final episode of The View by saying: “Now having this amazing career, how can I just walk away and say goodbye? From the bottom of my heart to all of you with whom I have worked and watched and been by my side, thank you.”


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