Milan Lucic To Dale Weise: I’m Going To F***ing Kill You Next Year

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The handshake line is one of the oldest traditions in the NHL. After a hard fought series filled with chipping, cursing, fighting, and big checks, two teams put their competitive hate aside and congratulate each other on a hard fought game. Well, except for Milan Lucic.

The Boston Bruins player used the handshake line to threaten Dale Weise of the Montreal Canadians after Game 7 last night.

There isn’t any audio of the threat but it’s pretty clear that Lucic is saying something along the lines of: “I’m Going To F***ing Kill You Next Year.”

Now, there are a few ways to take Lucic’s threat. Some people are calling Lucic a classless player who brought dishonor to the sacred handshake line. Others think that Lucic and Weise hate each other, have always hate each other, will always hate each other, and this little exchange in the handshake line was just a moment between two very intense players after a grueling game seven series.

And then we have others who basically just think it’s hilarious.

Are you surprised that Milan Lucic threatened Dale Weise in the handshake line?

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