Justin Bieber: Don’t Believe The Rumors

justin bieber

There’s almost always a rumor floating around about Justin Bieber. At the moment, the Canadian singer is being accused of stealing somebody’s cellphone.

Bieber didn’t come right out and deny it but he did say that people shouldn’t believe the rumors.

Justin Bieber definitely gets a raw deal when it comes to rumors but the singer’s past behavior has made these type of incidents more believable. Justin has had plenty of run ins with photographers in the past so it isn’t much of a stretch to see him snatch a phone out of some overly eager fans hands.

Justin was never arrested over the incident and the headline “Justin Bieber Steals Cellphone” is definitely a little exaggerated. Still, Justin shouldn’t be too surprised when people actually believe these type of rumors.

Other rumors, like the one about Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone having a gay relationship, those are the ones he should be upset about.

Most of the rumors about Justin Bieber end up being false but some do have some truth to them. Recently, people have been talking about a duet with Michael Jackson. The singer seemingly confirmed the news today when he retweeted this message from MTV.

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