Family Cat Saves Small Boy From Dog Attack In Driveway [Video]

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Uploaded to YouTube earlier today, a surveillance video from Bakersfield, California captured a dog attack a small boy riding around on his tricycle in a residential area. Not even seconds later, out of nowhere, the family cat named Tara fearlessly jumps and attacks the dog forcing him to let go of the boy’s leg and run away.

The video has gone viral, getting 160,000+ views since the morning.

The dog (stray or belonging to someone?) doesn’t appear to have a collar on, sees the boy from underneath a parked truck, runs around the vehicle, grabs the boys leg, swings him off his bike around in a circle, and before the cat saves the boys life.

You can see the dog run away and the cat chases him far enough that the cat turns around to see if the boy is alright. His mother (assuming) runs towards the madness to get the boy up and see where the dog ran off too.

The video ends with some photos of the boy’s leg after the attack. His mother told KERO-tv that he is fine and only needed stitches.

dog attack on leg

According to, the dog was found by animal control and will be euthanized.

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Author: Amanda Peterlin

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