Norm MacDonald Talks ‘The Late Late Show,’ Roseanne During Reddit AMA

Ever since Craig Ferguson announced his retirement Twitter has speculating about his replacement. The one name that keeps coming up: Norm MacDonald.

Twitter started a little hashtag campaign, #LateLateNormNorm, in an attempt to persuade CBS to select Norm MacDonald as Craig Ferguson’s replacement.


CBS hasn’t made any announcements yet but the former SNL comedian addressed the rumors today during a Reddit AMA. Of course, he gave his answers in typical Norm fashion.

For instance, he’ll only make a decision about The Late Late Show after he talks to CBS about how often he can use the word “Oligarchy.”

norm macdonald


Norm did take a more serious approach to another question about Late Late Norm Norm. The comedian said that he would take the job if he was offered it but said that he knows CBS is considering several other candidates.

norm macdonald

OK, so let’s pretend that CBS really does pick Norm MacDonald. What would the show be like? The SNL alum said that his co-host would probably be Adam Eget and that his first host would be some politician from Washington.

norm macdonald

In addition to addressing The Late Late Show rumors, Norm also talked about a few comments that he made on Twitter. The comedian talked about how “crazy” and “difficult” comedians like Roseanne Barr get shunned in Hollywood.

He clarified his comments today on Reddit.

norm macdonald


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