Rainn Wilson Posts ‘Backstrom’ Sneak Peek On Instagram

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Rainn Wilson is heading back to television. The star of The Office will be starring in the upcoming Fox show Backstrom and today he unveiled a sneak peek of his character on Instagram.

Wilson writes: “Meet Backstrom! A sneak peek at my new character on Fox. (More to follow!) @BackstromOnFox.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Rainn Wilson will play Everett Backstrom in the new “comic crime procedural” from Bones creator Hart Hanson.

The show has been in development since 2012 but it’s taken a little while to find a home. It was originally a pilot on CBS but was picked up by Fox after the network passed on it.

Fox president Kevin Reilly in a statement: “Hart Hanson and Rainn Wilson are the perfect combination of creative vision and on-screen talent to bring this one-of-a-kind character and story like Backstrom to Fox. I’ve been in business with Hart for a long time, and not only does he have a rare gift for infusing darker themes with relatable humor, he’s one of the best showrunners out there today. Together with Rainn – who absolutely nails this role and makes it a classic Fox character – I think we’ve got something really special here.”

Here’s a look at a few scenes from the pilot of Backstrom. 

Do you think Backstrom will be a hit? If you want to see more of the show you should probably follow Rainn Wilson on Twitter. The actor promised that he would be sharing a few cool photos from the show today on the social network.

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