This Kid Makes An Amazing Toy Using Two Lighters And Some Krazy Glue

Jamaican Bike

A Jamaican boy named Kyle is quite the craftsman. Using nothing more than two lighters and some Krazy Glue, he is able to create an amazing toy for his younger friends.

The toy is known as the “Jamaican Bike” and once completed it actually rolls around like any other toy motorcycle.

Sure you need to be good with a lighter, your imagination, and Krazy glue, but overall the instructions seem simple enough to follow.

The video was uploaded on April 30, and it has already racked up more than 900,000 views. YouTube users seem to enjoy the final outcome with 3,599 upvotes and just 88 downvotes.

The film is the work of YouTube user Raatidandmagic, a French filmmaker and producer living in Jamaica.

Give the video tutorial a try and let us know if your outcome is anywhere close to that of Kyle’s.

James Kosur

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