Dr. Dre: I’m The First Billionaire In Hip Hop [Video]

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Dr. Dre hasn’t released an album in a few years but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming hip hop’s first billionaire. The musician recently sold the rights to Beats By Dre to Apple for more than $3 billion.

The Financial Times reports that Apple is “in the process” of closing a $3.2 billion deal for Beats By Dre. The deal may not be official yet but Dr. Dre (and Tyrese) are already celebrating. A video surfaced this week showing Tryese and Dre bragging about the sale.

Dre says: “The first billionaire in hip hop right here from the west coast.”

Tyrese adds: “We need to update that Forbes list.”

Dr. Dre is currently listed at number 63 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. The list, which was last updated in June of 2013, has the musician’s net worth listed at $40 million. That’s nothing to sneeze at but, well, the musician’s net worth has more than doubled since then.


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The deal hasn’t been officially confirmed yet but it looks like Dr. Dre is hip hop’s first billionaire.

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