McDonald’s Corporate Employee Tweets Rude Message From The Official McDonald’s Twitter Account

mcd tweet

On May 6, a McDonald’s Corporate employee mistakenly tweeted a rude message from the official McDonald’s Twitter account towards a woman named Casey Hinds, mom and author of a kids health blog KY Healthy Kids, who fully supports the #MomsNotLovinIt campaign.

mcdonalds tweet

The #MomsNotLovinIt campaign focuses on stopping all McDonald’s marketing to children, in schools, and doing events targeting younger children. Since the beginning of the new and fresh Ronald McDonald makeover a few weeks ago, moms and supporters have started their anti-hashtag #MomsNotLovinIt.

“Go parent your kids.” Classy. The tweet was sent from McDonald’s Corporate employee Lizze. Supposedly, she meant to publicly shame Casey on her own twitter, Lizzie_McD, but failed and has still yet to directly apologize or mention anything about the incident. Just a lot of subtweets. A LOT OF SUBTWEETS.

Casey has received a lot of support since the tweet was sent. The employee or McDonald’s twitter account has yet to send out a public apology or attempt to fix their mistake besides deleting the evidence. Casey apparently received some kind of apology and tweeted about the attempt this morning.

[Photo credit: Rupert Ganzer]


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