The Internet Has Been Won: Welcome To Cat 24/7 TV


The internet has finally been won by online television provider with its new channel Cat 24/7.

As the name may suggest, it’s all cats all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The channel features a variety of shows about….have a guess… and primarily sources its content by aggregating content from YouTube.

Shows include Viral Cats, Scaredy Cats, Kitten Zone (100% kittens all the time…and no, where not making this up, that’s the shows slogan) and Big Cats.

Parent company launched in March 2014 with an initial lineup of 85 channels, which has since expanded to over 100.

The company has taken funding from Terry Semel’s Windsor Media; Jeremy Zimmer, CEO, UTA; Avram Miller, founder, Intel Capital; Mich Mathews, former CMO, Microsoft and others.

It also has content distribution deals with Funny or Die, QVC, Refinery29 and RocketJump.

If you’d like to watch Cat 24/7 you can view it here.

And if you’re not cat person, they naturally have a Dog channel viewable here.

Duncan Riley


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