Twitter Promoted Tweets, Accounts Get Language Targeting

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads today received language targeting, giving advertisers who use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts the ability to work with 20 various languages.

Available to advertisers worldwide, the feature is also making its way to the social network’s Ads API.

Now when setting up a Promoted Tweet or Account, you can choose which language you want to target under gender targeting by selecting “Limit targeting by languages.”

“For instance, a travel brand that wants to reach Spanish-speaking travelers in the U.S. can combine U.S. geo-targeting, travel-category interest targeting and Spanish language targeting to effectively connect with their target audience.”

This improves the chance of your tweet or account being seen by the most relevant people, but language targeting is not required.

Twitter says it determines a user’s main language not just by what they have their language defaulted as, but also by analyzing their tweets.

Even more, if a user is bilingual, that user will be shown Promoted Tweets or Accounts in the languages that they use.

To get started with language targeting, simply visit the Twitter Ads portal. Language targeting is just one of several features Twitter advertisers can use to reach more relevant users, including keyword, interest, geographical and gender targeting.

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