LinkedIn Pages Get Better Targeting With Two New Features

LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn posted solid earnings for the first quarter of 2014, and today announced two new features for both Showcase and Company Pages.

With language preference targeting and personalized page feed, businesses will be able to customize what content gets shown to users based on several different factors.

From the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog:

“We know relevance is a big part of the equation when it comes to successfully capturing the attention of professionals. This is why it’s important to simplify and streamline the member experience to enable even more relevant communication between companies and members.”

Language preference targeting works by showing specific updates in a certain language only to users who have that language set as their default.

Personalized page feed allows companies to set specific updates to be shown in a specific region, or based on industry, company size and seniority.

For example, you could target certain posts for managers located in the United States who are part of a company with several hundred employees.

These two new additions are particularly useful to global companies, and LinkedIn notes on its updated Help page that you can add admins who specifically share content to certain regions/languages.

The majority of LinkedIn users, 67 percent, are located outside of the United States, and the social network is currently available in 21 different languages.

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