Seth Green Eats His Booger In Conan Interview [Video]

seth green

Hunger is a terrible feeling. What do you do when you’re busy, no refrigerator in sight, or being interviewed on television? Get creative.

Seth Green was a little too comfortable last Wednesday night on Conan, probably forgot thousands of people were watching, and tried to stealthily eat his own booger. I ain’t saying he a gold digger. Unfortunately for Seth, bored people with access to the internet is a thing. A Reddit user brought these 8 seconds to the world again for a closer look.

The video evidence goes quick so pay attention closely.

  • :05 seconds – target acquired from nose
  • :07 – :08 seconds – small treat caressed between fingers of right hand
  • :11 seconds – green machine passed to left hand for consumption
  • :13 seconds – Nom nom nom

Internet: 1 Seth Green: 0

The interview wasn’t that memorable when it first aired, but how the tables have turned. Green ran through some embarrassing #ThrowbackThursday photos, bad outfits, bad hair styles, etc. Who knew the embarrassment would change from old pictures to nose-based snack choices.

Currently trending on Facebook, Seth Green has yet to respond to this hilariously embarrassing discovery. But let us come together and laugh at the irony from his tweet Wednesday night.

Nuts is a weird word for nasally.

[Photo credit: Youtube and Team Coco]


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