Vine Website Receives Major Update, Adds Search And Channels


Vine added a personalized stream to its website back in January, and today launched version 2.0 that now includes all the features users come to expect.

After signing in, there’s no longer just a single stream of videos from people you’re following.

On the top left, users will notice three familiar icons:


The Home button is the main stream where you can see everything from your followers, and the eye-con takes you to an “Explore” page (pictured above).

Reminiscent of Google, a large search box sits directly below the logo, and Vine features playlists of select videos across different categories on its homepage.

Users can also dive into the 12 unique channels ranging from Comedy to Sports, and there’s also a couple sections on the homepage to feature people worth following:


Below Channels, you can see the latest most popular videos, and check out Trending Tags AKA hashtags. With search now built-in, that means you can fully explore videos around hashtags on the web.

The star icon is home to the Popular Now page, and a search box on the top right is always visible from the Home and Popular Now pages.


You can click on your photo next to the small search box to visit your profile, access settings and logout.

For those without a Vine account, the “Explore” page is shown by default, letting anyone and everyone discover the highly underrated social network.

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