Anonymous App Cloaq Arrives On iOS


Cloaq, yet another app in the ever growing space of anonymity, has finally launched on iOS. Making it unique from competitors, no personal information is required.

When signing up, users simply create a password, which Cloaq then automatically generates a special username or handle.

That specially assigned handle starts with an @ symbol, and is used as your username when signing in to your account.

Slow and steady is the name of the game for the Cloaq team as they’re only initially allowing 500 users to sign up.

Those first 500 users will be the only people able to post, however, everyone else will be able to view posts shared across the social network.

According to TechCrunch, it’s to prevent “cesspools of spam, defamation, ignorance, and general inappropriate garbage,” but it’s also a slick move from a marketing standpoint.

As we reported last month, the folks behind Cloaq are sticking to their anonymous vision by also remaining anonymous, something they are still doing even after launching.

The app itself is very simple with a main Timeline or homepage similar to Secret, and users can also “Explore” posts or check out their “Favorites” (posts they have liked).

There’s currently no mention of Cloaq making its way over to Android, but we assume that will come in time.

Mike Stenger

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