Rihanna’s Nude Photos Removed From Instagram, But Not Twitter


If you want to see Rihanna’s latest nude photos you should probably head over to Twitter instead of Instagram.

The photosharing site removed the images almost immediately after Rihanna posted them. The photos, which come from the singer’s latest magazine spread, show Rihanna topless and bottomless while laying next to the pool.

Rihanna wrote: “LUI. there was 1 rule to this shoot…. TAN LINES!!!!”

According to TMZ, Instagram sent Rihanna an email saying that nude photos were not allowed on the site. IG also told the singer that if she kept posting nude photos to her account that she would be suspended.

But don’t worry, RiRi found a few ways to work around Instagram’s rules. First, she added all of the photos to Twitter.

Then, she posted a few recreations of the photos on Instagram. And since the recreations were basically paintings and not photos it looks like they will be allowed under Instagram’s rules.

The photos, from the french magazine Lui, were too hot for Instagram and they are a little too hot for SND as well. You can check out all of the uncensored photos on Rihanna’s Twitter account.

Dan Evon

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