Socialbakers Teases Its Most Powerful Analytics To Date


Socialbakers provides wide-ranging statistics across many popular social networks, and today announced version 3.0 of its Analytics suite for enterprise customers.

In the latest version rolling out this Summer, the dashboard has been redesigned with a complete overview of every social platform in one central place.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and VK will be visible initially, and Head of Product Jiri Voves says Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram will be included later down the road.

The company claims it will be “the world’s first unified enterprise social analytics suite,” and here’s what else customers can expect:

“Socialbakers Analytics V3.0 will feature a new, enhanced competitive analytics capability that will allow social marketers the unprecedented ability to compare the performance (simultaneously!) of up to 10 profiles, benchmarks, or custom groupings against our full set of advanced metrics. We have introduced a new way to categorize groups of pages that will enable social strategists to ‘tag’ pages and content together in order to follow specific targets. These custom groups can then be compared to one another – providing the ultimate overview of clients, customers, and competition.”

As before, reports can be customized so the boss can get a detailed look of what exactly and how things are performing.

Back in February, Socialbakers raised $26 million in new funding, and in the past year alone has added over 1,000 new brands to its roster and doubled employees.

Photo credit: Socialbakers YouTube

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